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(Produced at Hansa Studios, Bonn / Germany 2009)

Since our musical experience grew and we noticed that our musical style is still loved by many people, we have decided to bring out Trinkhhor IV this year. Actually, Trinkhor IV was already recorded in early 2008, but because of the uprising in Tibet, where hundreds of Tibetans were killed on the 10th of March 2008, we hesitated to publish it. Then, in January 2009, we thought that the time was right to release it at a benefit-concert in Switzerland. We very much hope that people will like this album. Just now it is too early to say anything about its resonance.

By the way our concert was a great success. The whole income will be divided in two parts. 50% will be donated to the Tibetan community in Switzerland / Lichtenstein and the other 50% will be donated to the children of Ronggya Adrak in India.

ARTISTS: Lobsang Palden Tawo, Tsering Topden Nelung, Riga Tawo, Tenzin Yeshe Nelung.