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(produced at Hansa Studios, Bonn/Germany 2007)

Many of my fans asked me, why I took such a long break after Trinkhor II.Well, as every one of you knows, in 1987/ 88 there was the great uprising of the Tibetans in Lhasa, which was cracked down brutally. I personally decided to henceforth use all my energy and time for the Tibetan cause and therefore I worked in different organisations in Europe more than ever before. Then, in 2007, my children had grown up and they incited me to write new songs and produce a new album. Consequently, Trinkhor III, which I recorded together with my children, came out in 2007. This album focused on contemporary music, because the Tibetan music scene had changed completely as compared to 1987.

Meanwhile many new Tibetan artists and groups from inside and outside Tibet appeared with fantastic new pop songs. So we noticed that it will be hard work to revive Trinkhor after 20 years of absence. The Tibetan music market reached out for new pop songs rather than old traditional songs. Fortunately, after the release of Trinkor III, we perienced that our old fans were still faithful to us and many young new fans appreciated our new songs. Songs like „Beautiful girl“ and „Never give up“ were awarded in „Musictibet“ as the best love songs and as the best lyrics for 2007. The song „Women‘s right“ is the first Tibetan song ever, which was viewed by more than 135 000 people in Youtube and still this number is growing every day.

So on the whole „Trinkhor“ had a successful comeback in 2007! Again all the income was donated on behalf of the two orphan children villages in Kham and Amdo.

Band: Lobsang Palden Tawo, Tsering Tethong, Youlha Tawo, Riga Tawo, Serlha Tawo, Ralph. Herrnkind, Gregor Verhufen, Peter Weber.