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(produced 1987 at Hansa Studios, Bonn /Germany)

Trinkhor II was a continuation of Trinkhor I in the hope to repeat the great success. The formation of the musicians was a bit different.

We tried to put the musical standard a little bit higher. Songs like Norzin la “, „Chugang Drenlu“, „Ama Changma la“. became hits at that time. „Norzin la “ was several times covered by other bands and awarded as the second best love song even in the year 2006,
20 years after its release. Many young Tibetan artists nowadays, like Phurbu T. Namgyal, Tenzin Woeser etc., commented in some interviews that they were influenced and inspired by our songs.
This really gives us great satisfaction. We contributed Trinkhor II to the Tibetan Homes Foundation in Mussorrie to sell it for themselves.
All income directly went to them.

Band :Tenzin Lhamo Drongshar, Lobsang Palden Tawo, Johannes S.
Traditional Group: Tsering Topden, Lodrö Gyaltsen, Kelsang Tsering, Ema Rinchen.


1994 I was asked by the renowned German filmmaker Clemens Cuby to compose the soundtrack for the film „Living Buddha“ which was shown worldwide in the cinemas.

On the whole I composed 4 songs for this film. The songs were also published on an album by the famous label VIRGIN. As a singer we engaged Tenzin Lhamo Drongschar from Switzerland, who has a fantastic voice.

Jimmy Phurtag, also a Tibetan from Switzerland, played the guitar-parts. Actually this was my first try at the international music field.
The comments made by German music magazines were very favourable.