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(produced 1985 at Hansa Studios, Bonn/Germany)

The huge resonance that the Tibetan community gave to our album „Nangma“ showed us that among the Tibetans there was a great need for such music.

That is why in the year 1985 I produced the second album called „Trinkhor I“ with my band called „Potala Band “,which consisted of some German friends like Gregor Verhufen, a great guitar-player.

It was indeed my intention not only to create Tibetan pop songs but also to impress the Tibetan youth with traditional Tibetan music.
That is why I invited some Tibetan musicians from Switzerland, who were charged with this task. It was the very first time I had contact with Tsering Topden Nelung. He was and still is a great master of the traditional Tibetan music, called Nangma.So „Trinkhor I“ was a successful combination of modern Tibetan and traditional Tibetan music which created many fans among old and young. Songs like „Nam Gongi Nyinda “, „Yeshe Norbu“, „Zugdze Yala “etc. became evergreens, which were covered by many other bands and is even heard nowadays (2009).
My late joke-partner, Namgyal Gonpo Ronge, who was a great entertainer, telling unforgettable jokes in that album, contributed a great deal to this immense success. He passed away 2007 in Nepal.

Trinkhor I was also a great success financially. In the end the whole album produced some 100 000.- Indian Rupees, which were donated to the Council for Tibetan Education in Dharamsala. Because of some political contents, Trinkhor I was officially forbidden in Tibet, but it found its ways even to the remote areas of Tibet and also to the Tibetan students in China. Trinkhor I was our breakthrough and it made us popular among Tibetans in and outside of Tibet.


POTALA BAND: Gregor Verhufen, Peter Weber, Peter Messing, L. Palden Tawo, Dawa L. Agytsang, Namgyal Gonpo Ronge.

Traditional Group: Tsering Topden Nelung, Kelsang Wangchuk, Norbu Tenzin, Kunga Namgyal.