palden tawo

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tsering topten

In 1959 after the unsuccessful revolt against the communist Chinese in Tibet, Topten at 8 years of age fled first to Nepal and later in 1963 to India. He soon joined the Tibetan Institute of performing Arts (TIPA) in Dharamsala, where he learned singing, acting, dancing and playing authentic instruments of Tibet. Beside that he learned Tibetan culture, history, Hindi and English. After working in TIPA for 12 years he settled to Switzerland with his wife through the help of Red Cross.

In Switzerland he joined different music groups such as the “Tibetan Dhoegar Switzerland” and since 1991 the Nangma music group. Beside his participation in the Trinkhor and Nangma albums, he also released some CD’s of his own music likewise “Gorshe” and “Cholsum Lushe”. Among many performances he had, the absolute highlight was the commemoration of the 50th coronation in Dharamsala, where he had the chance to sing at the presence of His Holiness.