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lobsang palden

Tawo, Lobsang Palden was born in 1951, in Kham, Tibet. After the Chinese invasion of Tibet, he fled his homeland with his parents. He attended the St. Augustin school in Kalimpong for 2 years and then joined the Tibetan Refugee School in Simla. In 1963, at the age of 12 he left India for Germany together with some other Tibetan children. In Germany he finished the college and studied medicine at the University of Heidelberg. 1979 he finished his study and worked as a medical doctor in the internal medicine in different hospitals. Since 1983 he is working in the state hospital in L├╝denscheid, which is affiliated with the university of Bonn, as a senior doctor. He is married with Choeni Lhamo since 1973.

MUSIC: His childhood was very much influenced by the nomadic Kham music. He learned his first songs from his parents, who both came from Kham-Tawo. During his school time in Germany he learned classic violin for 6 years, some guitar and also the Tibetan dramnyen and flute. But his real passion is song-writing and singing. In the whole he wrote more than 40 songs, some of them becoming evergreens.